Lead Yourself First

Jun 08, 2018

Have you been on a flight and actually paid attention to the safety brief? You know, the one where the attendants say put the metal buckle into the metal clasp and tighten it and loosen it and

There is one key part of that spiel that I want to focus on. They say, “in the loss of cabin pressure, masks will drop from the ceiling.” You are supposed to do yours before helping the passenger to your left or right.

Why is that?

There are parts of society that are so focused on serving others first that in a situation like that, it would be detrimental to their health.

You see, in a loss of cabin pressure you could actually have air pulled out of your lungs and not be able to do breath. So you only have the air you can hold in your breath to get your mask on.

How does this tie into personal development?

One of the lessons I learned in my 15 year military career was that. Before you can lead anyone else, you lead yourself first.

In doing that, you create that solid foundation of service. So that you’re not running and attending to everyone else’s issues before you take a look at what you’re doing in your own life first.

Now, I missed the memo on the this for a good part of my career. I was that guy who really wanted to serve while inside my habits were corroding me. I had become an empty shell of what I once was.

It wasn’t until I started committing myself to my personal development practices that I was able to start healing and repairing some of that damage.

My big takeaway for you today: what are you doing to put that mask on yourself first before you serve others?

It could be your sleep patterns. Your physical activity. Your diet. Or how you engage and bring joy to those in your life.

Whatever it is, those fundamental practices, just like that fundamental step of putting the mask on yourself first, will create the foundation for you!

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